Gear Manufacturing and Why Transmissions with Many Gears are Unnecessary

The one thing that manufacturers especially those dealing with gear manufacturing fail to do is get the notion of moderation. When it comes to the making of the speed transmission, they have gone completely gone overboard. In fact, it does not make any sense why one should incorporate the use of speed transmission in their car. For most people the argument that they make is that getting more engines will lead to higher speeds. They believe that the higher the speed then the more and better the acceleration and they will also save on fuel consumption. If this is what they want to achieve then the secret is not the addition of more gears. However, people are adding more apparatuses without thinking much about the performance. In fact, it has become more of competition. Below are reasons why getting a transmission with many gears is ridiculous. Here's  a good read about  Worm gears, check it out! 

Additional cost

When you install transmission in your vehicle, this translates to you having more components that you need to handle. At the same time, you will obtain additional bits like clutches that require being stuffed, and that means additional price on the sticker. When you have your system being too complex; you will be paving the way for failing. When all the speed transmission explode when your warranty is worn out, you will find that you have to pay for almost an equivalent purchasing a used one and getting it rebuilt. To gather more awesome ideas on  Spur and helical gears, click here to get started. 

More weight on the vehicle

It does not matter if you get the fancy packaging, getting more gears will mean adding weight to a vehicle that already weighs a lot. For vehicle weight reduces performance and thus, this is the reason that manufacturers should be finding ways that they can use to make the auto lighter. Driving a heavy car can be a challenge as you will have a hard time balancing the vehicle.

Having to manage constant shifting

The uber-speed automatics are meant to learn the habits of driving so that they can give a performance that is intrusive. Well with the manufacturing they have failed since these gears only makes it difficult to drive since pressure on the gas could result in the gears switching. You do not have to be an engineer to know that the more movable parts you have, the more the wear you will have to deal with. Thus this translates to you being more stressed and being a force to spent more time working on your vehicle, but you will also spend more money.

Fuel economy

The one thing that the gear manufacturers claim is that when you have many speeds installed, you will cut on the cost of fuel. Though it is true that the vehicles that use such engines save, but the difference in consumption is minimal. Since it is such a small difference, there could be other factors like atmospheric conditions, the state of the tires, and even the driving style that could cause such an effect. Thus, one should not be in a rush to get the engines.